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About Us

Wonderful ecological meat products – the result of old Lithuanian taste traditions.


Using gathered Lithuanian experience in meat processing, constantly improving the training of workers and supplying them with new technologies, to become a leader enterprise (in Lithuania and later in the EU) producing ecological meat products corresponding to all principles of healthy eating.


The company will make its efforts to create ecological, natural meat products corresponding to the principles of healthy eating. The company will use up-to-date equipment and will apply traditional meat processing recipes. It will also use the highest quality meat stock and ingredients following the EU regulations and certification. The company will seek to export its production into the EU countries providing them with different smoked, cooked and dried meat products.


Within the period of three years to achieve the appreciation of meat products in Lithuanian as well as foreign markets, and to ensure reduced cost prices due to applied new technologies. The company will also seek to individualize its production considering appropriate groups of consumers by changing the packing material, design, recipes and form of products.

LTD “Damsa” was established on the 20 of October, 1998. Currently, the activity fields of the company include:

• production of meat products;

• wholesale and retail trade of products.

LTD “Damsa” is established in Kybartai – a rather favourable area from the geographical point of view located nearby Lithuania’s border with Poland. The company has its on premises for production as well as trade.

 There is a strong competition in the field of meat processing and production of meat products in Lithuania. LTD “Damsa” takes great care of the quality of meat products and customers’ needs therefore it is constantly developing and expanding.

 The first meat processing equipment was supplied for the company by a German businessman from Germany. At present the company possesses new up-to-date equipment and devices.

 Currently, the assortment of meat products includes 60 different names. The assortment is constantly being improved seeking to satisfy the needs of customers as well as to follow seasonal changes in the demand.

 Every day the Lithuanian market is provided with 60 different kinds of meat products:

• Cold-smoked meat products (15 names);

• Hot-smoked meat products (31 name);

• Cooked meat products (14 names);

 The assortment of sausages includes 11 different names. Customers are supplied with the products tested by the time.

Meat processing technology uses ancient Lithuanian recipes of meat products and good equipment (i.e. different dressings, country-type smokehouse with smoke of particular wood, etc.). Meat products contain no preservatives. Only the meat of cattle and pigs grown in Lithuania is used for the production.

 After Lithuania’s integration into the EU, the objective was set to look for trade partners in neighboring foreign countries and to present there the result of old traditional Lithuanian taste – products created by LTD “Damsa”. The company has got standards and certificate of the European Union.